INTRODUCING: Typed Thank Yous & Plain Rectangle Frames

April 13, 2024 1 Comment

INTRODUCING: Typed Thank Yous & Plain Rectangle Frames
Hello! Today we are introducing the new Typed Thank Yous stamp set. This set features an array of heartfelt thank you sentiments elegantly crafted in a vintage typewriter font. From classic expressions of gratitude to modern twists on appreciation, this set offers a versatile range of sentiments perfect for any occasion.  Let your gratitude shine through with this timeless collection of sentiments, sure to convey your appreciation.
have i told you lately that you're awesome?
for always taking care of me
i just can't thank you enough
for making me smile
thank you
for making my day
for your friendship and support
for being you
your thoughtfulness is a gift
just wanted to say
my heart is full because of you
grat.i.tude /grade,tood/.noun the quality of being thankful;
readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness to someone.
you are a gift and a blessing in my life
your are so kind
i really appreciate you
an ocean of thanks
from the core of my heart
you rock!
you're the best
a million thanks
for your thoughtful gift
merci beaucoup
huge hugs
thank you
 muchas gracias

We love this Thank You card by Peggy using the new Typed Thank Yous stamp set! 


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April 13, 2024

These cards are adorable! Love the varitety of sentiments in this new set!

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