Angel Policy

Angel Policy

We welcome you to use our stamps for resale of your finished handcrafted projects, but there are a few rules and restrictions we must put forth to protect us and our art. 
  • Mama Elephant designs are protected under United States and international copyright laws and treaties.
  • All artwork must be individually hand stamped and may not be reproduced or copied. This includes photocopying, printing, tracing, scanning, etc.
  • Artwork for sale must be hand stamped by the artist personally. Mass production is not allowed.
  • Mama Elephant images and products may not be distributed, swapped or sold pre-stamped/pre-cut as a craft supply.
  • Mama Elephant images may not be used for logos, trademarks or promotional materials.
  • All artists selling their creations must assume all liability and responsibility for their work and agree to indemnify Mama Elephant and company from disputes arising from their work.
  • Mama Elephant products may not be used in any swap or rental business or any type of for profit business without our explicit consent.